A Sprinkle of Foster Care

Orphan care is life giving in a challenging and uncertain kind of way. So, a year ago, as I was trudging through the trenches of Nursing school, and wondering where my joy had run off to, I knew that I was neglecting to engage in a movement the Lord had asked me to join.

I could feel Him asking me to engage in orphan care to a greater capacity, but I brought to Him my list of complaints, which included my lack of time and my lack of involvement. As I prayed I realized that I could find a way to incorporate my love for writing into the movement and perhaps bring intentional purpose back into my life.

As I searched, I found an internship through the Christian Alliance for Orphans. They were in need of a college student who could help compile Foster Care curriculum through various forms of media. So, on a whim (I know. I’m dangerous.) I applied.

I was interviewed by phone and could not help but laugh at the absurdity of a nursing student applying for a media internship. But throughout the interview I felt the Lord’s peace and I smiled as I thought of His faithfulness. My years of experience with Show Hope had given me exposure to the creative world and to curriculum.

For the next year, I squeezed hours of video watching, inventorying, typing, and researching in between my studies and I flourished.

Sure, combining the internship with school brought its own unique set of challenges. My roommate walking quizzically into visual range during a group video meeting. Squeezing phone conversations between labs and clinicals. Sleeping and eating.

But friends, when my spirit was able to work towards something of purpose, it made those close to impossible nursing moments seem a lot more manageable.

One afternoon before a call with my boss I realized with increasing alarm that I felt like I had been slacking as I recalled my past few weeks. As I answered the phone, with knots in my stomach, I prepared to be ‘let go’ from a job that gave me life. And yet, as we talked, the conversation went into a much different direction. They wanted to hire me on beyond the ‘intern’ role into a more involved role in supplementation to the big girl nursing job I would have. I hung up and happy-danced.

You see, the Lord knows what our hearts need. When we need it. For me, it was watching endless hours of videos for a movement that I know He will use to impact lives.

So I will pursue both these worlds, separately for now. The Lord will finish the great work that He has prepared in me. Of this, I am sure. That may look like Foster Care with a dash of Nursing or it may look like a life of Nursing with a sprinkle of Foster Care. See, I never need to worry because I trust that the Lord will take me exactly where I need to go. He will mix every aspect of my life and my character into His perfect creation. I just need to say Yes.

As soon as my nursing diploma and license were hanging on the wall, I stepped into a part time position with CAFO as their “National Foster Care Initiative Content Creation Specialist” (insert wide eyed emoji). You can view some of the content that the team I’m a part of has created: https://cafo.org/nfci/fmu/

But, the beauty of my story is that it is specifically not about me. It’s about the work that the Lord is doing in the hearts of men and women in the United States for the children who have found themselves in the foster care system.

If the Lord wants to find a place for a busy and overwhelmed nursing student in this movement, then He certainly wants to find a place for you.

Here are a few places that You may find yourself:

  1. Praying! Pray specifically for the National Foster Care Initiative. Our prayer and our goal is until “there is more than enough…” More than enough for every single child in foster care. (https://cafo.org/nfci/)
  2. Get your church involved! The curriculum that we are releasing has been created to prepare individuals to lead conversations in their churches.   https://cafo.org/nfci/fmu/
  3. Sign up for info and to be updated on the movement! You have the ability to sign up to be able to view movement opportunities as they arise in your specific state and area. How amazing is that? https://cafo.org/nfci/network/
  4. Contact me! The beauty of this movement is that we find individuals who have experience with various aspects of foster care and bring them together to help us create this content. If you have any form of experience in foster care, or want to know more. Give me a shout out!

Over the next few months I’ll continue posting updates about how the work is going and additional ways you can get involved.  So, if you feel so inclined- subscribe to get blogs right into your inbox. Because maybe you too need to be reminded of a purpose that the Lord has for you!


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